About Us

The Public Health Department has an important role to play in the promotion of public health by the maintenance of a healthy environment and by providing certain protection against diseases.

The Public Health Department is headed by the Chief Health Inspector N.Langur and is composed of one Principal Health Inspector, one Senior Health Inspector and nine Health Inspectors 

The responsibilities of the Public Health Department are as follows:

  1. The issue of trade fee receipts/exemption certificates for commercial, industrial, professional and other related activities.

Ø  There are approximately 13,000 registered economic operators within the Riviere Du Rempart District Council. An estimate of 150 new applications are processed annually.


  1. The provision of scavenging services.

The Scavenging Services provided are:

  1. Collection of refuse.
  2. Sweeping of roads, pavements and public places.
  3. Cleaning of water courses, drains, canals and rivers.
  4. Dealing with the problems of bare lands which are a source of nuisance.
  5. Spraying of herbicides along roads.
  6. Cutting of branches causing obstruction along roads.



Ø  The approximate area of the Council is around 147.6 km.

Ø  The approximate number of household is 31,000 and commercial premises is around 12,700.

Ø  Approximately 5.2 tons of household refuse are collected daily by each of the sixteen scavenging teams.

Ø  The refuse collected are then disposed of at Poudre D’Or transfer station.

Ø  We have actually a fleet of 13 vehicles comprising of 6 tipper Lorries and 7 compactor Lorries.

Ø  Out of the 19 villages in our administrative area, contracted-out scavenging service are provided in Riviere Du Rempart, Goodlands, Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux.

Ø  We have actually 11 Field Supervisors, 11 Drivers, 133 Refuse Collectors and 5 Handy-workers who are engaged in the Scavenging Service.

Ø  The Public Health Department has already scheduled to provide a twice weekly service in the villages of Cottage, Poudre D’Or, Poudre D’Or Hamlet, Piton, Plaine Des Roches and L’Esperance Trebuchet. Same service will be extended to other remaining villages in the near future.

Ø  We have actually a total length of 36 km of open drains and 60km of covered drains that are regularly cleaned and maintained by the Council.

Ø  We have actually 380 barelands of known owners and 1745 of unknown owners including Statelands. The Council is doing its utmost for the cleaning of the said barelands.


  1. The management and maintenance of markets and fairs.

Ø  There are actually 2 markets – The Goodlands Market and the Riviere Du Rempart Market.

Ø  The operating  days of the markets are as follows:

  1. Goodlands Market :

General Merchandise: Tuesdays and Fridays.

Vegetables: Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The market is not operational on Sundays.

  1. Riviere du Rempart Market :

General Merchandise: Saturdays.

Vegetables: Sundays.

The market is not operational during weekdays from Mondays to Fridays.



Ø  A new market will soon be constructed at Goodlands near VIP Shopping Mall (Belmont) and same will replace the existing one located behind SBM Goodlands Branch. The new market will accommodate additional stalls for new economic operators residing within the administrative area of the Council. The capacity of the new Market will be around 800 stalls.

Ø  Enforcement of the markets regulations for better management of markets and fairs.

Ø  Ensuring that all foodstuffs exposed for sale are fit for human consumption

  1. The management and maintenance of Cemeteries, Cremation Grounds and Incinerators.

Ø  There are actually 6 Cemeteries, 17 Cremation Grounds and 3 Incinerators located within the jurisdiction of the Council.

Ø  No graves are available for sale in the six cemeteries.

Ø  All new graves in the cemeteries are common graves.  


  1. The maintenance of traffic centres and public toilets.

Ø  There are two traffic centres namely the Goodlands Traffic Centre and the Riviere Du Rempart traffic Centre.

Ø  The five Public toilets are located at : Goodlands (2), Riviere Du Rempart (2) and Piton (1)

Ø  All the traffic Centres and Public toilets are cleaned and maintained by the Council.


  1. Attending complaints from members of public and taking appropriate remedial actions.

Ø  Complaints received through letters from Ministries, Health Office, personal letters, tickets from Citizen Support Unit  and also those registered at office are dealt with by the Health Inspectors within a short delay and remedial actions are taken accordingly.


  1. Other services provided are :

Ø  Placing of baits (rodenticides) in drains, barelands within residential areas and public premises.

Ø  Organising clean-up campaigns, bulky waste, e-waste and sensitisation campaigns to promote a clean and healthy environment.

Ø  Provision of special cleaning programmes prior to festivals like Cavadee, Mahashivratree, Ganesh Chathurthi, Eid, All Saints Day etc.