In May 1947, M.K. R.E.S Yeldham, C.B.E assumed duty as Civil Commissioner.

As such Mr Yeldham had quasi-prefectorial powers, that is “he was the principal administrative and executive officer of the Government in this district and responsible for coordinating the whole machinery of Government by ensuring corporation between the district departmental officers”.

The winds of change that had been blowing during this period in local democracy culminated in December 1951 into the enactment of two historic acts, ordinances 75 & 76. These ordinances made provisions for the creation of the Pamplemousses Riviere du Rempart District and Village Councils.

The District Council North, as its counterparts of the East, south and west, consisted of 14 members of which seven were village council chairmen while the remaining six were nominees.

Local Government elections in rural areas, on a universal adult suffrage basis were first held during this period. Mr M.H. Rousset was elected as the first chairman of The District Council of Riviere du Rempart.

The Ministry of Local Government, with a minister in charge was established in 1959.

Amendments made in the Local Government Act (1962) saw the Board of this Council with ten elected members from among Village Councils chairmen while the remaining five were nominees made by the Government. This act also stipulated that elections were to be held every three years.

The Local Government Ordinance has been amended from time to time. This happened in 1962, 1954, 1956, 1961, and 1981. The Local Government Act of 89 was repealed and replaced by a new Act, the Local Government Act 2003.

The enactment of these various Acts characterises the determination of the Government of the day in bringing out new laws suitable to the demands of an ever changing society and the latest addition, Act 2003 has been no doubt been the most ambitious of them all.

The District Council of Riviere du Rempart, after 153 years of hectic services, has come of age and by the virtue of this revolutionary act, it will be called upon to play the same role as its urban counterparts, the five Municipalities.


Corporate Status


Like the other rural Local Authorities, The District Council of Riviere du Rempart too is a corporate body.

Presently, this Council consists of 22 members. The Chairman and his deputy are elected every two years from among the members. Both can ran for a second term.

The Council personnel is made up of around 710 employees. Though the Council is the employer, hiring and firing is done by the Local Government Service Commission.