The Welfare Department is composed of staff consisting of a Senior Welfare Officer, two Welfare Officers and a Management Support Officer.


  1. Organization of sports, welfare and cultural activities for the youth, women, the elderly and the general public.
  2. Management and maintenance of sports infrastructures, children playgrounds and greenspaces in the 19 villages under the jurisdiction of the District of Rivière du Rempart
  3. Provision of financial grants and logistic supports to socio cultural groups and religious institutions for the celebration of festivals such as Mahashivaratree, Cavadee, Ougadi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Shree Venkateshwara Puja and other religious events.
  4. Cultural programmes are organized on the occasion of Divali , Eid Ul Fitr and National Day Celebrations.
  5. Running of sewing classes dispensed in village halls.
  6. Management of preprimary schools.
  7. Organise activities for the welfare of persons with disabilities.
  8. Organise local community policing meetings in view to reduce substance abuse and road accidents.